Breastfeeding pillow

breastfeeding pillow

If you followed one of the million “nursery essentials” lists out there, you’d need another house to fit in all the things your baby supposedly needs. But when you delve a little deeper, you find that a lot of these “essentials” aren’t actually that useful. We can’t tell you how many people end up with wipe warmers gathering dust, or vibrating bouncing chairs that their baby hates.

But wait! Before you cross it off your registry, a breastfeeding pillow is actually a pretty good buy. We’re here to show you 7 ways you can make use of your breastfeeding pillow. And, better still, you’ll discover how it can help you out before you’re even snuggling your baby on the sofa.

What is a breastfeeding pillow?

Sometimes referred to as a nursing pillow, breastfeeding pillows come in many shapes and sizes. Placed on your lap, or your arm, you pop your baby on them whilst feeding, helping you find the right angle, and supporting your own posture. It can also be really helpful if you are feeding twins.

How to choose a breastfeeding pillow

As with many baby-related purchases, this one comes down to personal needs. Larger V-Shaped pillows, book-style pillows that can be height adjusted, or more compact versions are available. The main idea is that you’re bringing the baby up to the breast rather than hunching down to move the breast to the baby!

Our favourite breastfeeding pillow is made by Lanisoh. It’s compact enough to travel with, and you can slip it onto your arm for a more comfortable side hold, as well as place it on your lap to support your baby.

7 reasons breastfeeding pillows are awesome!

You can make the most of the 4th trimester

Those first few weeks when you’re cocooned in bed with your new arrival, having something to support you through breastfeeding is key. Not all babies love the traditional feeding positions we’re used to seeing, and finding something that’s comfortable for you and your baby can involve a lot of trial and error.

A breastfeeding pillow helps you find the best angles, and gives your back, neck and arms a rest during those cluster feeding sessions.

You can protect your c-section

Finding a comfortable feeding position can be even harder after a c-section. Your scar is sore, and twisting can be too painful. Using a breastfeeding pillow can protect your scar from a wriggling baby, and raise the little cherub up high enough to reach your boob, without you having to strain.

You can feed anywhere!

While you probably wouldn’t want to carry some of the larger pillows with you around the local park, our Lansinoh breastfeeding pillow is small enough to throw in the bottom of the buggy. And you can whip it out to make breastfeeding comfortable even in the most awkward spaces. Feeding on a picnic blanket, or a restaurant chair, you can support yourself and your baby while they get the nutrients they need. While you get that well-deserved cup of coffee and natter with your friends!

You can help with reflux

When your baby is suffering from reflux it can be heartbreaking. Studies have shown that keeping them upright during and after feeding can really help with their pain and discomfort. Your breastfeeding pillow is perfect to help with reflux, giving you a way to easily adjust their position and rest them comfortably after a feed.

You can bottle-feed too!

Breastfeeding pillows aren’t just for breastfeeding (I know, how confusing!). If you’re mixed feeding, or exclusively bottle feeding, then you can use these pillows to prop up the baby while you feed them. As we mentioned, a more upright position can help with reflux. And using the pillow to prop up your arm can make you more comfortable during a feeding session - however long they take to finish the bottle!

You can support tummy time

Nursing pillows - not just for nursing! Why not extend the life of your breastfeeding pillow by using it to encourage tummy time? Propping your baby’s top half up on the pillow can help them get used to being face down (babies are not a fan of change!), and support them while they build strength in their arms. Pop something shiny or colourful in their eye line and they’ll be much happier!

You can get a better night’s sleep

Thinking of leaving your breastfeeding pillow in the nursery with all of the neatly folded muslins until your little one’s arrival? Don’t miss out on one of the best uses of a breastfeeding pillow - helping you get a good night’s sleep while you’re pregnant!

With added weight, weird twinges, and the Relaxin hormone making your joints looser (ready for that all-important birth canal journey), getting comfortable at night can be almost impossible past 6 months. Popping a breastfeeding pillow between your knees, or under your bump to support can take the pressure off and help you slip into Dreamland.

Get ready for support

Hopefully, we’ve convinced you that the breastfeeding pillow should make your list of actual essentials. Pop over to our shop and you can get your hands on our favourite breastfeeding pillow.