SteriCare® Reusable Nappy

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Reusable Nappy At A Glance:

  • Easily adjustable so can be used for infants to small toddlers
  • Snaps on the hips and crossovers mean there is no "wingdroop"
  • Soft and absorbent inner layer
  • Waterproof and stretchy outer layer
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Pack of 1

Introducing SteriCare®’s Reusable Nappy

An economic and environmentally friendly solution to nappies for your baby or toddler

Suitable for babies from 8lbs to little toddlers that are completing potty training

Thanks to the superb adjustable sizing with plenty of snaps on the hips and crossovers

There won’t be any ‘wing droop with this nappy’

This means a comfortable nappy that grows with your baby


A Soft and absorbent inner layer

Pack of 1

Easy to wash and clean

Keeps your baby feeling comfortable and and safe all day